Beer Menu Building, Staff Education & Consulting Services

Jessica Eaton

Exhibit ‘A’ Brewing Co.

"Allo provided a great experience for guests to enjoy an evening around a shared interest while also imparting beer education."

What I offer

1. Guidance

… on how to curate and build a better rounded, more local, cost-effective draft
program for your bar or restaurant.

I accomplish this through looking at distributor relationships & potential, locality, seasonal offerings, and the diversity of your list.

2. An Outside Voice help train your staff to be knowledgeable about the best beer serving practices from proper glassware, to pouring techniques, and style education.

3. Various other consulting services

Such as…

  1. Building custom beer-focused travel itineraries and assisting with personalized experiences in those cities.

  2. Being a liaison between your small business and breweries and distributors for events you may want to hold.

  3. Creating esoteric pairings for cultural and social events. Think beer and music, beer and films, beer and certain holidays.

*Cost for above services vary. We can work out a quote based on specific needs you may have.

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