Curated Pairings with the Craft Beer Concierge

Approachable, fun beer & food pairings that drive consumer awareness

… of both brewery and vendor brands and how they can interact together.

Jessica Eaton

Exhibit ‘A’ Brewing Co.

"The beer pairing event organized by Allo was nothing short of exceptional"

What I provide

What you receive

All of the above plus…

Brand awareness and engagement

From the attendees. I have held tastings that have engaged up to 50 people at a time

A brand representative for your beers and products

I'll position you in the best possible light to a happy and engaged audience.

How it works

Discover the joy of craft beer through an engaging, educational food pairing. 

The set up is a flight (4) beers plus 4 pairing items from the vendor. I will do a background on the brewery and if the food vendor isn’t in attendance, I will do the same for them.

I walk guests through each pairing and how they work together, along with general principles of food & beer pairing. I also provide style notes and history for each beer as applicable, plus any “fun facts” I’m asked to include.

Guests have time between each pairing to chat and enjoy and ask questions. They leave with a better rounded understanding of beer styles and your brand offerings, and hopefully stay afterward to enjoy other products, increasing the revenue spend from their patronage.

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